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Let’s Krrishh!!!

Just like any Gemini, I too have two sides to my being, one that I really am, and one that everyone thinks I am. Grossly misunderstood in many ways, I always try my level best to show the real picture about me. That again results in much more confusion than my behaviour is already able to conjure up in my audience ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t give up very easily. So this continues…, my tying to prove to everyone that what I am doing is correct and not anything remotely selfish, but ultimately get branded as a show-off or insincere. But there is always a thrill in convincing people around you about something which they don’t wanna agree, ain’t there?

My greatest strength is my family and my handful of friends….

I wouldn’t say I am a dhoodh ka dhula insaan…. means I too have my dark side…. which I am yet to discover in fully totality! ๐Ÿ™‚

But one thing anyone close to me can be sure of is, I will never give up on them if they stay by me. All I expect from anyone who is close to me is care for me as much as I care for them. I sometimes do things which are so out of the earth that even I am surprised that I can actually be that much romantic (or stupid, shall we say!). But there are also those who can go to the extent of saying that I am the most cold blooded, heartless, selfish, irritating animal that they have ever seen in thier lives. Hmm… won’t negate their feelings about me….sometimes I am mean…especially when the nature of the person infront of me matches that is aforementioned. You see I am more like a mirror, you smile at me, you get a smile back, glare and you get a nasty one….

Coming to my good side, hmmmmmmm….



leave it.. anyway why care about trivial things when there are so many titanic things to talk about….. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Bad habits:

–> Can’t stop my tears (yeah I cry!!) when something really emotional is said or done, even if it is the train leaving with Kajol in it in KKHH, or the shocked look in Hrithik’s eyes when Preeti dumps him in Delhi’s Lodhi Gardens in Lakshya, or when Hrithik points to the ice topped mountains and says “I have found my Lakshya….”, or a peck on my cheek by my sis on Rakhi…..

–> Really can’t see anyone, especially ladies and elderly braving the swaying BMTC bus with just one foot on the floor bcos of rush, while I am sitting comfortably…. I really can’t watch them suffer like that……I just close my eyes and go to sleep……..
Hey!! Just joking!! I do give up my seat…..when my stop comes….

–> Love to test the limits on my bike but only if I am alone on it and the road is clear… no one has any right to risk other’s lives…

Good habits:





Oye!! chaddo yaaaarrr….ki farak paynda ae??

I love photography. Considering the fact that the camera shies away if I am standing in front of it bcos of my stunning looks, I show sympathy towards the poor camera and try to stay at it’s back as long as possible and click away my heart’s fill…. I really love to shoot….can’t get enf of it. Butย after getting into the job where the more you sit in office, the more you are made to sit…. ๐Ÿ™‚ just joking buddy, but you know how this “glorified typist” job is… time limit…only deadlines and more deadlines killing more people than AIDS….
Whenever I get time, I just click off…whatever comes infront of my lens….

I am sure you would not have reached this line reading all through the “I, me, myself” stuff, but still, if you have endured all that and came till here, i commend your patience and challenge you to put your thoughts as comments, to prove to the world that you really do have so much stamina…. ChakDe!!!


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